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26 - 30 June 2016 - Adelaide Convention Centre


The following Symposia will be embedded in the convention.

The 40th Anniversary of Olympic Dam Symposium

Draft program @ 15-4-16 available now <click here>
Kathy Ehrig, (BHPB), Symposium Director

July 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the discovery of the iconic Olympic Dam Fe-oxide Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit in South Australia. Olympic Dam is the world’s largest uranium, 5th largest copper, and 3rd largest gold deposit. The genesis of this archetype IOCG type deposit remains controversial. The goal of this symposium is to present outcomes of ongoing geological research projects and the geological logging/assaying of over 2 million metres of diamond drilling across the deposit. Topics presented will include the discovery, geology, alteration/mineralisation, geochemistry, isotopic studies, and age dating of events that have contributed to the formation of the world’s largest accumulation of metals.


AuScope 10 Year Anniversary Symposium

Revised program @ 27-5-16 <click here>
Helen Keogh (AuScope, Melbourne), Symposium Director

The AuScope Symposium will showcase research outcomes that have been made possible using AuScope national research infrastructure. The day will be broken up into four sessions focusing on the Earth and Geospatial science research areas that AuScope infrastructure investments have had have had the biggest impact over the past decade. The final session will be an open discussion on the future needs of Australian researchers and will inform AuScope’s strategic planning to meet those needs over the next decade.

The four sessions will be:

1. Temporal architecture  – led by Dr Christian Sippl, ANU -

- Research into the evolution and geometry of the Australian Plate

2. Changes and Impacts – led by Dr. Lucia Plank, UTAS -

- Research into the nature and state of the Australian region

3. Science Enablers – led by Mr Sabin Zahirovic – Sydney University -

- Development and use of tools, software and data enabling world class research

4. AuScope - Future directions – led by Dr Tim Rawling AuScope Acting CEO. -

- “Town Hall” style discussion


Early-Mid Career Geoscientist Symposium

Draft program @ 28-4-16 available now <click here>
Juan Carlos Alfonso, (Macquarie University), Symposium Director

This symposium will bring together Australian Early and Mid-Career Geoscientists (EMCG) to discuss current and future challenges and opportunities for EMCGs in Australia, harness the potential of EMC geoscientists in Australia, and exchange scientific ideas to foster collaborative projects. This will be a perfect follow-up of the recent 1st Australian workshop for EMCG (

Sprigg Symposium: Earth’s Evolving Climate

Revised program @ 06-6-16 available now <click here>

Cesca McInerny, Jon Tyler, Juraj Farkas, (University of Adelaide), Symposium Directors and

Earth’s climate history, as recorded in geological archives, provides vital context for the planet’s future, facilitating the development and testing of new hypotheses and models for forecasting future change. Even more fundamental, the history of Earth’s evolving climate provides context for life itself, and the inherent transfer of energy and elements between the lithosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, from a planet devoid of gaseous oxygen, to one where life exerts a hitherto unfathomable control over the composition of the atmosphere.

The importance of climate as an intermediary between life and Earth was recognised by Reginald Sprigg, in his pioneering exploration and documentation of the Australian geological landscape from his recognition of the Ediacaran fauna - Earth’s first multicellular life, to his mapping of stranded and submerged shorelines on the sea floor. Sprigg serves as inspiration for contemporary geoscientists, who are ideally placed to explore climate through the lens of the geological past.

The 2016 Sprigg Symposium, Earth’s Evolving Climate, will present lectures on key elements of Earth’s climate history, from origins through to present day. By going back to basics on the nature and causes of climate variability, the symposium hopes to shed new light on the future of our planet. 

UNCOVER Symposium: The future of under cover exploration

Draft program @ 20-4-16 available now <click here>
Steve Hill, (GSSA), Symposium Director

Australia’s economy is supported through exploitation of natural resource wealth. Discovery of new deposits has not kept pace with depletion of these resources, the end result of depletion of easily discovered near-surface deposits.  UNCOVER is an industry-academia-government cooperation intended to drive a step change in mineral exploration discovery rates at greater depth and under cover. This vision requires the coming together of groups on a scale never before attempted. This symposium will showcase some of the early work focused on undercover exploration.


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